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Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
household. so you see on the one level at the abstract level, debt, deficit, fiscal cliff. there's an immediate transition been to the to do list, which is what they would like to see effort. finally, and interestingly with all of this battering that people have taken during this last few years of difficult economy, we gave voters, we will go through this question in detail, but we gave voters a choice. short term, solutions to fix the problem, our long-term visionary policies that will put us on the right track? interestingly enough at this point people are thinking longer-term. part of that restored optimism is different for different groups, but generally speaking people are looking for longer horizons. just quickly, the mood of the country, you see the track, the red truck, this long track. easy it is still 50% believe the country is on the wrong track but you see substantial improvement sends where we were in the middle, the late fall of 2011. so that's when it really bottomed out. 70% wrong track, that was around the time of the debt ceiling debate. only 33% of democrats said ri
Dec 5, 2012 7:30am EST
modern world. and we face a multitude of problems from abroad. the u.s. fiscal cliff, the slowing growth in china, above all the eurozone now in recession. people know that there are no quick fixes to these problems, but they want to know that we are making progress, and the message from today's autumn statement is that we are making progress. it is a hard road, but we're getting there, and britain is on the right track. >> will the chancellor resume his seat. now, look, let's be clear about this. the house knows well enough by now that i will afford a very full opportunity for questioning of the chancellor. but the more interruption, the greater the noise, the longer the session will take, and that cannot be right. so i appeal to members, please, to give the chancellor a courteous hearing as, indeed, if it becomes necessary i will appeal to government back benches to afford a fair hearing to the shadow chancellor. that's how it should be. the chancellor. >> mr. speaker, britain is on the right track, and turning back now would be a disaster. we have much more to do. the deficit has fall
Nov 29, 2012 6:00am EST
coburn about the fiscal cliff, the affordable care act and the future of the republican party on booktv's in death. the senator has written several books and reports including his latest, the debt bomb. join our three our conversation, your calls, e-mails, tweets, for senator tom coburn at noon eastern on booktv's in depth on c-span2. >> now a forum on the rule of law in sino, a panel that includes u.s. ambassador to china and jon huntsman. we will show as much as we can until our live event at 8:30 eastern. [applause] >> thank you for that very kind introduction. i have a great honor of being a distinguished fellow here at brookings but i can tell with justice brier and with these distinguished legal experts appear there's nothing distinguished about me at all. today i come pretty much as a regular fellow as opposed to any kind of distinguished fellow. what we have ahead is a great presentation by some people you will find interesting, about development of the rule of law in china. i wanted to offer a few introductory comments on the china relationship in general. may i first thank john thornton for your vision and support for the center and parking than the leadership you provide.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3